Management Team

While Kylla does not follow a traditional hierarchical management structure, our Executives are responsible for the strategy and direction of the company as well as overseeing our core business areas.


- Dick van Druten Europe
Dick van Druten Dick van Druten co-founded Kylla Group and built the corporate finance firm Kylla Group in ten years to a leading corporate finance practice serving medium-sized companies in cross border transactions.

Mr. Van Druten has directly been involved in a number of fundraising transactions. He has bought and sold companies and served on the non-executive boards of several of his clients. Furthermore, Mr. Van Druten has been involved in the fundraising and structuring of several Real Estate Funds and has been able to build a large network of professional investors. With the execution of the transactions, Mr. Van Druten has built practical knowledge on company structuring, asset management and wealth management as well as legal knowledge.

Prior to Kylla, Mr. Van Druten was managing partner at various marketing communication agencies. He has worked on strategic marketing issues and interactive communication strategies for major international corporations and participated in the funding and management of several fast-growing companies.

Mr. Van Druten studied commercial economics at the University of Professional Education in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. He is the former chairman of the Dutch Corporate Finance Association and co-founder of the Belgian Corporate Finance Association.
 - Anton van der Graaf  Europe
  Anton van der Graaf holds a Msc in Financial Management at Business University Nyenrode in 2002. After graduation he started as a Sales Director for Robeco Alternative Investments in Switzerland and managed structured products voor MeesPierson Private clients. In 2008 Anton developed a Dutch Desk for private clients with BNP Paribas in Geneva, Switzerland  and he repeated this successful start-up with BNP Paribas Amsterdam, The Netherlands for development of the International Desk. 
- Prianka Mahanty United Kingdom

Prianka Mahanty has 13 years of professional experience as a Consultant and Project Manager. She has been crucial in guiding SME's and Start-ups in international markets such as Asia, Europe and Africa and in assessing M&A and JV opportunities along with their entry and exit strategy.

Prianka specializes in relationship management and supports reasoning needs of risk assuming entities in the financial services, engineering and government institutions. In her career Prianka has had the opportunity to work with international government agencies and multinational corporations across 3 continents and has developed valuable relationships and partners in the process. She holds a management program certificate from one of Asia's top institutes, The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Prianka is also a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) program candidate in the UK. 

- Stergios Stogios Greece


Stergios Stogios has joined Kylla in 2010. He has a proven track record to be client focused and be of value added at any time. Even in a time where Greek entrepreneurs have been facing major challenges he has delivered clear results and value added to our clients. 

Mr. Stogios is a dynamic and reliable individual having more than 18 years of international experience in accounting, finance, structuring and business development. 

Mr. Stogios is self motivated, hard-working and an enthusiastic professional with proven ability to deliver concepts and implement strategies. He is a result driven person and he is always focused on client oriented solutions. 

He demonstrates strong communication skills combined with the ability to make strategic decisions and react adequately to any crucial situation guided from his passion for helping our clients to grow their wealth in a pro-active manner.
He is registered accountant and holder of first class A' accountant licence from Greek Chamber of Economy, holds BScBA (UoM) and also he is MBA holder from Business School of Nottingham Trent University. 
- Fulya Kalafatoglu Turkey
Fulya Kalafatoglu has been in the financial industry for over fifteen years, particularly marking her step in the tourism industry. After finalizing her study in London, she obtained management, financial, development and investment experience on an international level as her roles varied in outstanding profound companies. As Kylla’s Country Manager in Turkey, Mrs. Kalafatoglu is an important bridge between Turkey’s entrepreneurs and Western European investors. Mrs. Kalafatoglu has a proven transaction track record accumulated over the years and her proficiencies includes negotiation skills, transaction sourcing, market knowledge and interpersonal power.

- Martijn van Mierlo

South America

  Martijn van Mierlo started his study at the Hotel Management School in Maastricht, the Netherlands after which he graduated at the Nyenrode Business University. Martijn started his corporate career in 2003 at Nestlé and at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, during this period Martijn got his post doctoral degree in Accounting at the University of Amsterdam. After his succesfull corporate challanges Martijn started as an independent real estate developer in Aruba (Dutch Antilles) and South America. Martijn's extensive experience as an entrepreneur proofs to be very helpful to our team because of his knowledge in finance, governental legislation and project management as well as his extensive network in both North- and Latin America as the Caribbean. Currently Martijn manages our Latin America branch from Colombia, Bogota.

 - Johannes Hammerstein 



Johannes Hammerstein is a well experienced Asset Management Specialist and he had several positions in the international financial industry. Johannes is a highly motivated, dynamic, reliable, enthusiastic and hardworking professional. He has managed liquid assets on the international financial markets, consulted and accompanied successful fundraising activities for international projects as well as finding the best solution for the client’s company structure.

Before joining Kylla Johannes studied economics, worked for Dominick & Dominick, Merrill Lynch & Co. as well as several German banking and insurance institutions.  Johannes Hammerstein has an international network in the financial world, especially the Asset Management area, for high net worth individuals as well as corporates to present the best solutions.

Johannes Hammerstein is transparent, objective, service oriented and client focused at any time with his slogan „Think positive & be different“

- Ton Kolijn South Africa

Ton Kolijn has a well established international working experience in spatial planning. Ton has been working at the Dutch municipalities of the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the ministry of Transport of The Netherlands and a housing association. For a few years Ton has been a member of the town council of Amstelveen.

Ton Kolijn also manages and founded his own spatial consultancy firm KO&A. Recently Ton moved to South Africa. One of the activities as an entrepreneur in South-Africa is advising international companies which are considering to settle in South Africa, e.g: Which are the opportunities for national development considering the South-African legislation and what is the best location to settle its operations. The financial planning and feasibility is an important part in these projects.

Ton currently represents the Kylla Group as a principal for South-Africa. His broad network within the Netherlands, Dutch authorities and his in-depth knowledge of South-African legislation for companies, spatial capabilities and his experience in South-African business development makes Ton an important asset of Kylla’s international network of Associates.

In his free time Ton enjoys running, hiking, cycling, reading literature and thrillers, following politics and writing his international blog.

- Turan S. Iskandarov CIS 

Turan has been a witness of the fast growing economy of Azerbaijan and Georgia. After his successful study and a professional football and chess career, he started at Deloitte and had a corporate career at the top of United Arab Emirates-, Russian- and Azerbaijani banks. 

He is a well qualified, hardworking and result-oriented banking professional with over 15 years of successful experience. Turan also has a strong ability to build business relationships with individual- and corporate clients. 

Turan left the bank to focus on project finance, real estate, tourism and transportation. He speaks Turkish, Azeri, Georgian, Russian and English. 

 - Kasper Roelvink


Kasper Roelvink has a background in International Business & Management from the Netherlands. Through his decision to move towards Asia, he has successfully created numerous companies in Thailand with partners from all over the globe. His main expertise can be found in investment strategies with an emphasis on real estate. Through his wide network of partners and clients, he has become a well known individual with an extraordinary entrepreneurial mindset. Growth and client satisfaction are two of the most important factors in his career. Roelvink delivers under pressure and knows the local markets, therefore he is the right person to provide local presence for Kylla in Thailand and surrounding countries and offers the best service possible to his clients.

Roelvink is a highly motivated and experienced individual with outstanding entrepreneurial skills, strong leadership capabilities and a passion for real estate investments, private equity and a drive to bring himself and his clients to the next level.