Johannes Hammerstein:

“Independent investment advise is hard to find in nowadays bonus driven banking world. That’s why we took a client driven sustainable approach in Asset Management.”


Investors Relations & Asset Management Advisory

Kylla's global network of highly experienced financial professionals and organisations enable us to take the best of what the capital markets and financial communities have to offer and create forward-thinking asset management strategies. We are adept at dealing with unconventional investment needs, particularly when a multi-national approach is required.

With active local presence throughout Europe, including Switzerland and Luxembourg, our status, track record and high-end client base enables us to be considered alongside much larger organisations.

Unlike some banking institutions or brokerage companies, we avoid a "one size fits all" approach. We take time to get to know our customers' needs, expectations and risk tolerance. Then we use our expertise to match those needs with tailor-made risk diversification and asset management strategies.


Case Study

Kylla offered to manage part of a high net worth entrepreneur's assets through top-tier private banks. With Kylla's entrepreneurial approach, the client could benefit from an above average performance, while keeping maximum flexibility to run their core business.