Case Study

Dutch holding company

Client´s challenge
East European based client was exposed to excessive tax pressure on its dividends.

Kylla´s solution

• Reversed merger with a new Dutch holding company
• Full compliance with double tax treaty
• Kylla's team existed both of Dutch and Czech nationals
• Client saved 15% tax over its dividends
• Costs of operations reduced by 30%


Transaction costs

• 10,000 Euro for Kylla assistance
• Client saves annually 5,000 Euro



Setup legal entities in all major jurisdictions

Kylla has a wealth of experience working with corporate clients, influence groups, established entrepreneurs, and high net worth individuals and families to create tax efficient business structures.
Using our extensive network of Associates, we identify the best ways to maximise profitability, make assets more transferable and increase asset security.
We have setup together with our clients over 30 legal entities in 12 jurisdictions. Our particular focus is on the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Malta, Switzerland, Cyprus, Isle of Man, UK, Ireland and Czech Republic. For our clients we can establish a legal entity in practically any major jurisdiction in the world.
Our out-of-box tailored solutions are always affordable and complete. Therefore, we can ensure that our client drive approach does not imply additional costs and high margins.
We provide our clients with an objective, global perspective that balances our entrepreneurial approach with the prudence and diligence you would normally only encounter with a large financial institution. It's the best of both worlds.


René de Wit:

“The right corporate structure is designed only after a full understanding of the entrepreneurs' needs and objectives. With our client driven approach combined with local knowledge and presence in most of the world’s leading jurisdictions, we are able to match client’s needs with practical, proven and reliable solutions.”