Attila Widerman – Associate Partner

A critical thinker who aims to bring understanding and empathy to every area of his life, Attila combines a global outlook with excellent problem-solving and counselling skills. His background lies in engineering and, latterly, in law and finance.


After graduating in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Slovak University of Technology, in 2010, Attila made a career in logistics before starting his own forwarding business. His next step took him into the wholesale and retail industry in a C-level position. His key experiences cover operations management, marketing & sales and strategic planning. In 2020, he finished studying lay. Currently, he is studying for an MBA in Economy and Financial Management.

Away from work, Attila enjoys philosophy, psychology and geopolitics. He is also an avid sportsman and reader. He is married and has two daughters.

“In one way, I see Business Beyond Borders as meaning cooperating and delivering service on a truly global scale, without being limited to physical boundaries. But I also see it as offering clients premium, personalised solutions that go beyond the usual service level. This combination makes Kylla unique in the market.”

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