Denys Yuzhakov – Investment Manager

Originally from Ukraine, Denys Yuzhakov brings a wealth of international expertise and deep entrepreneurial acumen to his role at Kylla Corporate Transactions. Fluent in Russian and Ukrainian, combined with some French and Greek and based in the United Kingdom, Denys utilises his diverse background and extensive network to spearhead the identification and development of high-growth companies aiming to expand globally.

Denys privately invested in and managed a portfolio of residential real estate assets.

Joining the Kylla team in 2021, Denys employs his vast experience of running a successful translation agency for 13 years. This distinctive blend of business operations and communication skills positions him ideally to interface with Kylla’s comprehensive network of professional investors worldwide. His primary role lies in aligning high-growth companies with strategic international investment opportunities.

Denys’s international scope extends beyond his professional roles; he proudly served as an ambassador for the Free Republic of Liberland for three years, further evidencing his deep understanding of global trends and perspectives.

Educationally, Denys holds a PhD from the Academy of Personnel Management in Mariupol, Ukraine. This solid academic foundation coupled with his entrepreneurial experience brings a unique and valuable dimension to the firm’s approach to corporate transactions.

Outside the world of international business and finance, Denys indulges his passions for long-distance hikes and model railways. Whether on a strenuous trail or meticulously crafting miniature landscapes, Denys exemplifies dedication, focus, and meticulous attention to detail – traits that equally translate to his professional performance.

I’ve always been a firm believer that business is a universal language. Having lived and worked across different countries and cultures, I’ve experienced first-hand the power of international collaboration and the boundless potential it presents.

At Kylla Corporate Transactions, the mantra ‘Business Beyond Borders’ resonates deeply with me. To me, it signifies the opening up of global opportunities, breaking down barriers and transcending traditional boundaries in the pursuit of growth.

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