Kasper Roelvink- Associate Director

Kasper Roelvink has a background in international business and management in The Netherlands. Following his move to Asia, Kasper has created numerous companies in Thailand with partners from all over the globe. His primary expertise is investment strategies, with an emphasis on real estate. Through his wide network of partners and clients, he has become a well-known figure among real estate investors and entrepreneurs in Asia, for whom he provides extraordinary opportunities beyond borders. Growth and client satisfaction are two of the most important factors in his career, and Kasper delivers under pressure and knows the local markets in Thailand and neighbouring countries.


Away from work, Kasper loves going on adventurous trips, at times doing so completely unprepared, due to his busy schedule. One time, this almost killed him, but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to do what he likes the most: traveling to the unknown.

“Business Beyond Borders means keeping up with what’s going on globally, making the absolute best out of the daily challenges. Experiencing the best results for thinking alongside the usual paths.”
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