Krishna Akinsehinwa – Director Singapore

Shalini Krishna Akinsehinwa spent over a decade working in the UK before returning to her native Singapore in 2015. After graduating in chemistry and nanotechnology from Hull University in the UK, Krishna worked as a private consultant, advisor, director and business development strategist in various industries. These included personal development, on-demand transport, real estate, precious commodities and oil and gas. This diverse experience enabled her to build a strong network of global influencers, both strategic partners and clients.


Krishna is passionate about ventures and start-up ideas that empower communities through new technologies and fair trade, and especially those that create a positive overall impact and improve our living conditions and natural environment. She is an avid traveller and cultural explorer, and you’ll find her planning her next bucket-list trip when she gets some free time. Her other past-times include meditation and hiking and trekking in nature.

“The concept of Business Beyond Borders for me embodies the transcendence of geographical and non-physical barriers covering technology, culture and knowledge, among others. To truly grasp the value of moving ‘beyond borders’ you must adopt a knowledge sharing, fluid and co-creative mindset which allows you to come up with creative ‘fit for purpose’ strategies with the most potential for a positive impact for a project or client through global collaboration.”
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