Michael Marabini – Investment Manager

Michael Marabini joined Kylla in 2019. Born in Zimbabwe and holder of a B Com (Economics and Law) and LLB from Rhodes University, he worked as a successful commercial attorney in South Africa. After three years as an associate, Michael became a director and partner of the firm and immediately set about reforming management structures and marketing it to drive growth and acquire new talent. Michael’s passion for commerce, people and investing subsequently led him to seek a move into finance. This in turn brought him to Kylla, in Amsterdam.

As a self-taught guitarist and self-acclaimed singer, Michael enjoys occasionally embarrassing himself on stage and on the golf course. His wife is a talented and extremely successful South African advocate who is looking forward to studying for her LLM in European Law while Michael works towards his CFA.

“‘In times of need, the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers’ (African Proverb). Business Beyond Borders is about bridging the gaps in our global village.  It’s about building lasting international and intercultural business relationships and achieving today what was not thought possible yesterday.”

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