Prianka Mahanty – Director United Kingdom

Prianka Mahanty took her first steps into consultancy and project management in 2005, quickly building a reputation as a crucial partner to SMEs and start-ups in Asia, Europe and Africa, and for being an expert in assessing M&A and JV opportunities along with entry and exit strategies.

Prianka specialises in relationship management and supporting the risk-assessment arguments of financial services companies, engineering firms and government institutions. She has worked with international government agencies and multinational corporations across three continents, developing valuable relationships and partners along the way. She holds a management program certificate from The Indian Institute of Management and is a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) programme candidate in the UK.


When she’s not busy with work and business, Prianka likes to read mystery novels and catch up with the news.

“Business Beyond Borders for me means having business friendly policies in countries in which we operate, including cooperation with governments and greater connectivity with teams across nations.”
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