Vladislav Vuckovic – Investment Partner

Since graduating from Belgrade’s Faculty of International Management, in 2002, Vladislav has worked in marketing & sales, management, operations, financial planning and other areas for companies in a wide range of disparate sectors, from food and drink to the oil industry, software and online B2B and others. In 2006 he founded his own agricultural cooperative, eventually exporting to over 20 countries in the EU, Asia and Africa.

Vladislav joined Kylla to discover another side of business: investing and the investor’s point of view. He is particularly interested in technology-enabled disruptors, from FinTech to CleanTech, and tech trends involving online B2B, AI, energy, distribution, agriculture, construction and others.

Vladislav cares about environmental issues and enjoys traveling, listening to music and going to concerts with his wife.

“What I love about Kylla is moving businesses to a higher gear and motivating clients to reach mutual goals and expand potential opportunities. Each day at Kylla is different as there are so many investment opportunities and strategies, and the determination and focus we apply as a team are expanding my interests beyond my expectations.”

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