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We provide our clients with an objective, global perspective that balances entrepreneurialism and beyond-borders thinking with farsightedness and diligence. The best of the small with the best of the big. We work with corporate clients, stakeholders, established entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals and families to identify the best ways to maximise profitability, make assets more transferable and increase asset security. Here are some of our stories.

Please note that all identifying details have been removed to protect client confidentiality. It’s something we take very seriously.

Investment in a medical startup

A startup in diagnostic-psychiatry needed finance for its research into a new technique for diagnostics. The tool it is developing could lead to a more timely and substantiated choice of treatment and medication. By securing venture capital financing, we enabled the venture to start confirmation studies and start design and production of the diagnostic material. With a secure financial platform, the company expects to grow to 12 employees over the next few years and to successfully bring its technology to the market. The expected exit value of this venture is €50 million.

European corporate structure for a non-EU mining giant

A major mining company based outside the European Union wanted to improve its market reach and distribution within the EU without having a costly European infrastructure. We suggested structuring and managing a company to enable distribution throughout continental Europe. We then managed its accounting, tax reporting, compliance and banking relations. Over seven years, the company’s EU revenues grew from €2 million to €270 million per year, and we ensured that the corporate structure remained capable of supporting this exponential growth.

Corporate structuring for an international investment and commodity trading company

An international investment and commodity trading company wanted to use local legal entities to enable their international business activities. We set up a group of companies in Switzerland, the UK, Singapore and the Middle East. In close cooperation with the shareholders, we were also involved in the management, investments and structuring. This included setting up an online, centralised and always up-to-date bookkeeping system with local accounting firms to secure proper accounting standards and tax compliance in all the jurisdictions. We have also supported our client in making miscellaneous investments in real estate, mining and manufacturing.

Corporate structure for a Mediterranean resort hotel development

Kylla was asked by an international investor to structure and manage the companies that hold the assets to an A-brand beachfront Mediterranean resort hotel. The resort comprises luxury villas, apartments and an exclusive marina. As well as handling the corporate structure aspects, we supervised the compliance, banking relationships and accounting aspects of the business. We also supported a corporate transaction that included a change of ownership and corporate funding.

Restructuring a solar energy investment holding

After making a number of investments in solar energy assets, Kylla restructured the foreign-owned Dutch holding company involved and oversaw the successful sale of several portfolio companies. We guided the client through the process of compliance, accounting and tax reporting and ensured that all stakeholders were properly served.

Creating an investment fund for renewable energy in Southern Europe

A fund focusing on biodiesel plants in Greece and the Balkans was looking to structure a private equity investment fund for renewable energy in Southern Europe. The fund would be registered in the Netherlands. Kylla led the entire structuring process, which included the legal framework, the information memorandum, compliance, accounting, auditing and investment subscriptions.

Online tools to manage Corporate Transactions

Kylla has developed a sophisticated yet easy to use online accounting system for Corporate Transactions. Clients can access the system 24/7 and simply email documents, such as purchase invoices, loan agreements and the like to a special email address or scan them in using an App. The documents are then processed in the bookkeeping system within 3 working days. Bank statements can be processed automatically during the night and sales invoices created and sent via the system. The system can also take care of related debtor management processes. Some Kylla clients have legal entities in several countries, and with our online accounting solution, we can manage the accounting centrally and have a local partner handle the tax reporting. This way our clients always know the financial position of their businesses.

Shared CRM system provides real-time transparency

One of the things we are passionate about is being totally transparent when are asked to approach investors. To ensure this, we give our clients access to the same online CRM system that we use so you can see exactly which investors we have contacted, what we discussed and the stage of the transaction these took place. Our ideal is to collaborate closely with our clients to create a united team and build synergy during the corporate funding process.