Corporate Investments

When you’ve worked hard to build something up, it’s natural to want to pass on your successful business to the next generation. We can help you do this. We invest in private equity and venture capital environments in which Kylla can add value by solving succession issues for business owners. As entrepreneurial people ourselves, we get real pleasure out of taking care of your heritage, stakeholders and future growth to keep your enterprise together.

We present international Funds for investors and companies that offer a solid solution within a stable and safe legal structure. Within the funds, we concentrate on European growth companies that have a proven track record and are ready for the next phase of their development, focussing on technical or strategic innovation.

There are two possible tracks. The first involves setting up your own fully serviced Investment Fund structure. By leaving the accounting, regulatory, investors relations and tax issues to us, you can focus on your core business: making a return on investment.

The other option is to use a Sub-Fund within a white-label Umbrella Private Equity and Real Estate Fund structure. This lower cost option is ideal for small to medium size funds as fixed costs are shared, while you benefit from a shorter time to market and our specialised knowledge.