Why Kylla

Kylla is a fast and responsive independent corporate transactions firm that believes in having the best network of advisers rather than the biggest. We bring investors and businesses together, finding new solutions to finance needs and building business relationships that go beyond borders.

Being agile and flexible keeps costs down. But it also enables us to move faster than our competitors and treat your situation individually. Unlike the rest, we don’t use set criteria to judge a proposition; we judge each proposal on its own merits. The result is that we can capitalise on opportunities that others may be too slow or too conservative to go for.

Our solutions are always complete and always contain some original, innovative or out-of-the-box thinking. We have extensive experience of creating the appropriate business structures for corporate clients, established entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals.

Currently, we manage over 30 legal entities for our clients, in 12 jurisdictions, we’ve raised over € 850 million for various clients around the world, and we have aggregated assets worth some €3.2 billion in advisory management. We also manage six private equity funds. We can establish a legal entity in practically any major jurisdiction in the world.