Let’s make it happen

Kylla is a passionate corporate transactions firm that matches growth-focused companies with a worldwide network of professional investors and business partners to get you where you want to be. We provide capital for expansion, acquisitions, recapitalisations and management buyouts. We love business and we love finance, and we mix these up to create the most effective investment, structuring and financing solutions out there.


Business Beyond Borders

In a world of opportunities, we absolutely believe in business beyond borders. Geographically, but above all mentally. Business beyond borders means pushing the envelope on new ideas and thinking differently. So we involve specialists, take a global view and leverage our local legal, tax and investment connections to deliver the best results for our clients at home and abroad, beyond borders.


We’re entrepreneurs too

Most big corporate finance practices act as if they know everything better than you do. We’re not like that, because we are entrepreneurs too. Entrepreneurs who are on a mission to build the best corporate, finance, tax and legal practice. We think like you. We respect you. And we listen before we talk.


Kylla means Yes

Kylla is the Finnish word for Yes (and Agreed, too), so we made it our company name, even though we started out in the Netherlands. Because Kylla fits our mindset, and because we enjoy thinking beyond borders. It means that if you’re looking for a positive experience, talk to us. We’re more likely to say Yes.