Ade Prakarsa – Investment Analyst

Ade joined the Kylla team in January 2022 and combines an engineering background with finance. He began his career as head of engineering at a multinational company in Indonesia. His interest in finance then led him to the financial world as a banker at one of Indonesia’s biggest banks. This has given him more than 12 years’ experience in corporate finance and the investment industry, in specialist sectors such as healthcare, property, infrastructure, agriculture, fintech and financial markets.

As well as his banking activities, Ade is also a managing partner in Intekarta Consultant, a progressive boutique financial consultancy that has a deep understanding of Indonesian business conventions and strong relationships with regional business players, governments and the financial industry.

“For Me, Business Beyond Borders is about a world without boundaries or distance in which business reaches every corner of the world regardless of cultural differences and without bureaucracy getting in the way.”

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