Alessandro Cernuschi – Associate Partner

Alessandro is a seasoned management professional with a passion for investments and cross-border transactions. Italian by birth but having lived and pursued a career in various countries around the world within Southern Africa, the Middle East, the US and Europe, Alessandro focuses on commercial-related activities where his international exposure and expertise is seen by his investors and clients as an indispensable asset.

Alessandro’s core business revolves around real estate, property development and investments. But over the course of his career, he has held senior managerial positions in multinational companies trading in aviation, medical and travel security as well as third party inspections and certifications.

In his previous life has been singing as a Tenor and this passion goes hand-in-hand with motorsports, outdoor activities, travel and cultural exchange. Alessandro also tries to combine a good work-life balance by pursuing his interests whenever possible.

“Business Beyond Borders is more than a tag line for me: it is a way of life. In today’s fast-paced and a more connected world, our business must be taken on a global level and as such a closely knitted relationship needs to be developed. This is only possible without any boundaries of any nature. Today work revolves around flexibility and the individual ability to adapt to a fast-changing environment. Only by adopting this approach can one succeed and Kylla empowers his partners, clients, and investors alike to achieve this open mindset and a true Business Beyond Borders.”

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