Bijke Tulkens

Bijke Tulkens is someone who truly walks the walk, and not only when she’s out strolling with her dog in the woods. As the Executive PA to Dick van Druten and Anton van der Graaf, Bijke ensures that whatever has been discussed and agreed with investors and clients is executed in full and to the letter. Bijke is a well-experienced personal assistant and has supported general managers and CEOs for over 20 years. After graduating from further education, she focused on supporting international executives in leading positions, with a special eye for interpersonal support.


Being able to get both managing partners organised at Kylla makes her task of managing three children and their father at home look easy. Sometimes she even has time left for her hobbies, such as preparing delicious meals for friends, and for her other passion – drawing and writing.

“Business Beyond Borders means dealing with international challenges and working with different cultures, habits and regulatory processes. It’s about thinking unconventionally to ply between possibilities and indefinite boundaries. Standing out and full of confidence.”

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