Dick van Druten – Managing Partner

Dick van Druten co-founded Kylla in 2002 by combining his pioneering mid-90s’ experience as an internet entrepreneur with his time as a partner at incubator investor Apex Ventures. Dick has led investments in, and served as a director, of numerous Kylla portfolio companies and clients, and is a specialist in structuring cross-border corporate transactions.


Dick studied commercial economics at the University of Professional Education in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, and is the former chairman of the Dutch Corporate Finance Association. He is also the proud father of two teenagers and happily married to a very special lady, who has supported him unconditionally throughout his entrepreneurial career. Dick is a passionate golfer and is constantly, though unsuccessfully, trying to lose weight through fitness training and running.

“Business Beyond Borders means a lot to me. It is literally about doing business across borders, but it is also about putting in the extra mile for a client. Not stopping where others do. Thinking outside the box. About travelling and exploring the world and new solutions that bring the human race to the next level.”

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