Gabriel Kekeh – Investment Manager

Gabriel Kekeh is heading Kylla’s office in Paris, having been a associated with the firm since 2004.

He brings to the table a vast and profound experience in finance, with specialised expertise in financial controlling and analysis. His successful tenure as a financial advisor in the banking industry has also equipped him with an exceptional acumen for stock market investment strategies.

Gabriel possesses a deep understanding of business modelling and company valuation, applying these skills to generate insightful perspectives and strategic solutions for our clients.

His extensive network primarily comprises of industry analysts and portfolio managers, enabling him to leverage valuable connections to further client objectives.

Gabriel’s dedication to his work is underpinned by an infectious enthusiasm, and his commitment to excellence is reflected in everything he does.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Gabriel is a passionate sports enthusiast, with a particular affinity for martial arts. He also cherishes convivial moments spent with friends and family, reflecting his belief in a balanced lifestyle.

Embracing “Business Beyond Borders,” Gabriel Kekeh sees no geographical constraints on potential growth. He champions cross-border partnerships to uncover untapped opportunities, embodying Kylla’s ethos of turning borders from barriers into gateways of limitless potential. His drive for international collaboration truly encapsulates our mission for global business development.

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