Johannes Hammerstein – Vice President Corporate Transactions

Johannes Hammerstein has a motto, “Think Positive & Be Different”, that has been evident from the day he joined Kylla, back in 2006. Johannes is a highly motivated, dynamic, reliable, hard-working and enthusiastic professional who has managed liquid assets on the international financial markets, consulted and worked on successful corporate fundraising for international projects, and developed the best solutions for corporate structure questions. Today, he is responsible for Kylla’s Corporate Funding and Corporate Structure activities, and he is also helping to launch Kylla’s Private Equity Innovation Fund.


Before joining Kylla, Johannes studied economics and worked for Dominick & Dominick, Merrill Lynch & Co. and several German banks and insurance companies. When not working, he likes to run, climb mountains and hike. He’s also big reader of books about the financial world – and crime thrillers.

“You can get loans, equity, products and advice everywhere… Business Beyond Borders is about having an entrepreneur-minded approach to developing unique, personalised and exceptional solutions for our clients.”

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