Larry Oladunjoye – Associate Partner

As an Associate Partner at Kylla, I bring a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic insight to our corporate transactions. My background in software development and cloud infrastructure engineering, combined with my learning in venture financing and working with investors, enables me to understand and navigate the complexities of growth-focused companies and venture capital investments.

I am passionate about leveraging technology to streamline processes and drive efficiency in large-scale platforms and environments while contributing immensely to the society at large. My skills in software services, problem-solving, and team collaboration contribute significantly to delivering solutions that align with our clients’ diverse needs in corporate structuring and capital raising.

My goal is to create a harmonious and successful partnership between growth-focused companies and our discerning investors, contributing to the dynamic business landscape with strategic insights and technical acumen.

“business beyond borders” represents a commitment to using my diverse skills and experiences to foster global business initiatives that are technologically advanced, strategically sound, and socially responsible, thereby contributing to a more connected, efficient, and equitable world.”

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