Stergios Stogios – Investment Manager

Stergios Stogios joined Kylla in 2010 and has a proven record of being client focused and for adding value at every moment. Even in a period in which Greek entrepreneurs face major challenges, he has delivered clear results and value to our clients. Stergios, who has over 25 years of international experience in accounting, finance, structuring and business development, is dynamic, reliable, motivated and hard-working. He holds a first class ‘A’ accountant license from the Greek Chamber of Economy, a BSc in Business Administration (UoM), a BSc in Accounting and he has an MBA from the Business School of Nottingham Trent University.


Away from work, Stergios tries to coach his basketball-loving son to reach a level he never managed to achieve, and supports his daughter with water polo. He also likes to read ancient Greek philosophy and he is a passionate music collector and explorer, trying to convince himself that in DJing, experience counts, not age.

“I think that Business Beyond Borders is a philosophy. It is a solid, long and strongly underpinned bridge. A bridge that unites virtual and real borders and where everything starts with a smile and a warm handshake. The bridge brings the client to the resources that will deliver the solution. It’s the actions that cover the gap between the effort and the goal, and another way of thinking about doing business.”

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