Syahid Rohmatulloh – Investment Analyst

Syahid joined Kylla in January 2022. He has years of experience in various financial fields, including in corporate and bulge-bracket investment banking (structured finance to advisory) in numerous sectors – agriculture, insurance, fintech, energy and others – and with multinational companies. Syahid is also a managing partner in Intekarta Consultant, a progressive boutique financial consultancy in Indonesia that has strong relationships with regional business players, governments and the financial industry.

Syahid loves working on projects that require him to really think and which involve helping businesses play a long-term game when it comes to sustainability. He is also an advocate of digitalisation in business and takes a hands-on approach to optimisation.

“To me, this means identifying the entirety of the business ecosystem and taking bold action with manageable risk. It is about using every strength of the business to deliver the optimum return and maintain its sustainability in the long run.”

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