Teun de Koning – Junior Corporate Transactions Analyst

Teun de Koning joined Kylla in 2021 on a six-month internship as part of his degree in Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, where he is in his third year. He is a hard-working and highly motivated student who likes to challenge himself and others. He is also a passionate team player, something that comes out in his work and in his greatest passion: football. Teun also likes to play golf and is often outside with his dog.

Teun met Kylla in 2019 while doing a small project for us. When it came time to find an internship as part of his university course, Kylla was the first company to come to mind. During his internship, he wants to learn more about Corporate Transactions, Kylla’s corporate culture and, above all, how to run a good business.

“To me, Business Beyond Borders means that there are no barriers; if you believe and work hard, it will work out. It also means being free to work in different countries and among different cultures, which is nice, and that you can think differently. That, too, is a form of freedom and personal differentiation.”

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