“Business Beyond Borders to me means achieving success where others considered it to be impossible. By constantly learning and exploring, we can move the line between impossible and possible. Rising to greater heights, especially as a team, sets a wheel in motion that goes faster and faster. I want to add my grain of salt to the growth of the emerging markets in South-East Asia by helping entrepreneurs go to their next level.”

Perawich Supradist Na Ayutthaya

“I see Business Beyond Borders as being about working with people from many cultures and backgrounds in the most positive way. There is so much knowledge to gain from this that, at the end of the day, you feel like a very rich person. Having an open mind and heart makes the world a colourful playground to be explored in every aspect.”

Sabrina van Loon

“Business Beyond Borders reminds me of the Roman Empire, the first empire to build road networks – highways, basically – between cities and countries. This is how it achieved such greatness. I think Business Beyond Borders is about building roads and bridges between different markets and allowing capital to flow freely.”

Narken Aimambet

“Business Beyond Borders is a proposition of harmony in diversity. The business world comprises boundary-blurred dynamics powered by revolutionary technology. Business inspiration will come from open, cross-over yet authentic minds. We have to build our unique strength and help others who are good at something else in order to undertake the challenges ahead.”

Guodong NI

“Business Beyond Borders for me is about connecting people from different parts of the world to new businesses and ideas. It is also an innovative business model in which everything with potential to grow is welcome, no matter where it is.”

Shivam Agarwal

“‘In times of need, the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers’ (African Proverb). Business Beyond Borders is about bridging the gaps in our global village. It’s about building lasting international and intercultural business relationships and achieving today what was not thought possible yesterday.”

Michael Marabini

“For me, Business Beyond Borders means combining knowledge from people with different backgrounds and cultures to reach new heights and achieve results beyond the ordinary. Through collaboration across borders, we can accomplish remarkable results and meaningful personal growth.”

Julia Landgaerds

“Business beyond Borders” to me is about working with entrepreneurs from many regions and learning from different cultures.”

San Nuanon

“Business Beyond Borders means dealing with international challenges and working with different cultures, habits and regulatory processes. It’s about thinking unconventionally to ply between possibilities and indefinite boundaries. Standing out and full of confidence.”

Bijke Tulkens

“Doing Business Beyond Borders to me means tapping into the opportunities that the Middle East region brings and combining these with all that the Western world has to offer. It is about understanding different cultures and knowing the right people locally, then building a bridge and travelling together over this bridge to new and unexplored territories.”

Homayoun Nadimi